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Expired: Trade and Save with CDI

MEDS Promo from CDI

M.E.D.S. Trade-In Promotion

February 10 - May 15

CDI will accept trade-ins of any common aftermarket diagnostic system (STATS, API, Rhinda, etc.) to receive a 25% discount on a basic, standard or professional M.E.D.S. bundle. This is the largest discount CDI has ever extended for M.E.D.S. and could save you up to $1,300 on a M.E.D.S. bundle. Step up to the world’s leading marine engine diagnostic software today.

M.E.D.S. (Marine Engine Diagnostic Software) features a portable, simple-to-use interface. It works on Microsoft PC Laptops, Windows Tablets and Microsoft’s Surface Tablets. With M.E.D.S., you are not bound to a small, expensive to replace, handheld device. CDI’s software works on any PC laptop running Windows 7 or higher.

The World's Leading Marine Engine Diagnostic Software

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Offer valid for 90 days only: from February 10, 2020 to May 15, 2020